Placement Partners has been connecting people with disabilities with matching employers since 2004.  In these years, we have partnered with hundreds of local employers and helped them with their hiring needs.  At the same time, hundreds of folks in our vocational program had the opportunity to work and earn money to live in the community.

2022 Employer of the Year Award

Each year, PPMN employees nominate our partnered employers who have gone above and beyond to create supportive environments for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We accept nominations for these exceptional employers and vote on who exemplifies diversity and inclusion.

Community Support Specialist Kyla Fitzgerald nominated Target for our Employer of the Year award: “From the interview process to the hiring, Target supervisors and staff have made sure to build a relationship of understanding with the client. They have made sure to let the client know that Target will find a way to keep the client working as long as they can and want to. Target supervisors have also worked on understanding the best ways to support the client but still challenge them to think about trying new things.”

Congratulations to Target in Springbrook, the Placement Partners 2022 Employer of the Year!

Thank you for supporting diversity in our community.

A partnership with us not only benefits you as an employer, but also the community.  Let us help you tap into the pipeline of talented workers with disabilities at no cost to your business.

How We Can Help


We have already done the search for you. All there is left for you to do is to confirm the match.


We conduct weekly site visits to enhance communication, provide job coaching and resolve issues.

We will...

Identify and pre-screen candidates to meet your requirements.

Schedule an interview.

Be your resource for ADA and job accommodations.

We will...

Assist with orientation and paperwork.

Provide transportation coordination.

Monitor job performance.

Offer hands-on training when required.

Past Employers of the Year Winners

  • 2022 – Target (Springbrook)
  • 2021 – Cantebury Park
  • 2020 – Jerry’s Foods (Edina)
  • 2019 – Dan’s Cleaning Service
  • 2018 – Crayola Experience
  • 2017 – Wealshire of Bloomington
  • 2016 – SMG US Bank Stadium
  • 2015 – Dakota News
  • 2014 – Pieology (Maple Grove)
  • 2013 – Whole Foods
  • 2012 – Mall of America
  • 2011 – Lunds & Byerlys
  • 2010 – Delaware North (Target Field)
  • 2009 – Rainbow Foods
  • 2008 – Kerasota Theaters (downtown)