Successful Career. Unique Talents.

All of us possess talents which, when utilized, fulfills our need to be productive and boosts our sense of self-worth. The Employment Services helps you to identify your personal strengths and interests and these, combined with your past experiences, will determine those jobs which will offer you the greatest opportunity for success, job satisfaction and personal growth. Job development efforts focus on your skills, abilities and experiences but, most of all, will consider your interests and preferences when seeking the appropriate employment opportunity. Upon placement, we will provide on-going support and encouragement geared towards reaching your highest potential and sustaining competitive employment.

Employment Exporation Services (EES)

Placement Partners staff will take the time to know you better and will guide you through an exploration process to help you determine if independent competitive community employment is the right option for you. Staff will go through a benefits planning discussion with you to determine how working will impact your existing benefits. Staff will also go through a discovery process with you to discuss your daily routine and what you like and dislike about your current routine.

You will complete two guided assessments to learn more about your hobbies, interests, and potential job interests. You may participate in job observations to learn about community jobs. You may also partake in volunteer experiences to try different jobs and to work on job skills. This process will enable you to make an informed decision about pursuing competitive community employment.

Employment Development Services (EDS)

So, let’s get started. A highly competent Placement Specialist will be assigned to guide you through the entire process. The first step is to prepare for your job search by completing a professional resume which presents your history of prior employment, related personal experiences and career objectives. The job search then begins. Many of our partnered employers are contacted; the online search of several reliable websites is conducted daily and online visits with employers offering the greatest potential for appropriate job opportunities is part of the mix. The Placement Specialist is focused and his/her highest priority is to place you in a position which compliments your assessment criteria, as quickly as possible.

A brief list of available supports is as follows:

  • Completion of your professional resume.
  • Searching for appropriate job opportunities on a daily basis.
  • Completion and submission of online and/or paper job applications.
  • Assisting with employer required personality assessments.
  • Follow-up with employers to secure and schedule job interviews.
  • Provide training for job interviews, encouragement and stress relief.
  • Accompany you to job interviews, when allowed by the employer.
  • Follow-up with employers to secure a job offer.
  • Follow-up with the employer to negotiate wage, benefits, start date, etc.
  • Attend the orientation to ensure that all documentation is prepared correctly and that employer policies and procedures are fully understood.
  • Coordinate transportation requirements and bus train when needed.
  • Other supports, as needed.

Employment Support Services (ESS)

Soon after placement in your new job, and once you have settled-in, the Placement Specialist will have completed his/her assignment and you will be assigned a Job Coach to provide ongoing support thereafter. The Job Coach will offer his/her assistance with on-site training in your new job duties and when changes occur. Generally, your job coach will meet with you weekly either at your job-site or off-site depending on your preferences. Our mission is to help you to gain a positive work experience, stay employed by resolving issues if/when they occur and by advocating for your best interests. Your interests and those of the employer are usually the same: Good job performance and a happy employee. We listen to your concerns and communicate with the employer to help achieve this result. Specific goals and objectives are established and outcomes are monitored on an on-going basis to foster self-confidence, self-reliance and vocational progression. We are there for you.

A brief list of available supports is as follows:

  • Job training and coaching.
  • Providing on-going transportation coordination and training.
  • Advocate for reasonable accommodations, fair compensation, equitable treatment and natural supports.
  • Assisting with changes in your duties, work schedule and scheduling PTO.
  • Monitoring work performance, providing positive reinforcements and communicating with your employer to effect changes, when necessary.
  • Helping to resolve a variety of issues which may occur between you and your employer or co-workers.
  • Advocacy to avert a potential lay-off or loss in hours.
  • Provide career counseling regarding a change in position or promotion, when you are interested in seeking a new opportunity.
  • Other supports, as needed.

Our Success

Over the past fifteen plus years, we have found community jobs for hundreds of individuals. As one of the largest Supported Employment Services provider in the State of Minnesota, we have one of the highest success rates.



2022 Employment Data

Total Placement: 79
Employment Outcome: 75.16%