Steps Beyond the Basic Necessities

Most of us take pride in our ability to live independently and become more self-reliant, as time passes. These programs are geared to help you achieve these ends to the greatest extent possible. Therefore, we together assess your strengths and determine where a helping hand is needed. For instance, some people are well informed regarding how to select and prepare nutritious foods but lack the skills necessary to organize and process their incoming mail. Therefore, we will reinforce your strengths and focus on helping you to be proficient in those areas which are a barrier to living independently. All of us are good at doing some things and not so good at others but we must all have sufficient daily living skills in many areas to be self-reliant. Our goal is to help you to acquire the necessary skills, gain greater self-assurance in your abilities and enhance your confidence and desire to live independently within our community.

Daily Living Assessment

Upon joining this program, Placement Partners staff will meet with you to assess your current living conditions and life skills. Our goal is to understand how well you are getting along and the challenges that you struggle with each day. A thorough screening is conducted with the intent of determining your strengths and identifying those areas needing improvement. This process enables us to focus our efforts and to set goals that lead to greater independence and improved quality of life.

A brief list of areas assessed is as follows:

  • Residential Housing
  • Housekeeping and Laundry Hygiene and Personal Care
  • Food Selection, Preparation, and Storage
  • Health and Well-being
  • Financial Planning
  • Transportation
  • Education & Skills Training
  • Employment Status
  • Behavior Modification & Socialization
  • Other assessment topics (i.e. Pet Care, Vacation Planning, etc.)

Skills Training & Supports

Upon completion of the assessment, a competent staff person will help you to establish goals and objectives which focus on specific topics requiring modification or improvement.

Your staff person will usually meet with you on a weekly basis to provide skills training and required assistance. Your achievements are routinely monitored to measure progress and outcomes are reported. Goals and objectives are updated, as required, to refocus efforts when priorities change. We are there for you and our success is measured by your success.

This may include:

  • Securing a new residence and supervising the move
  • Providing skills training in a variety of areas (i.e. good housekeeping practices, food selection and preparation, balancing the checkbook, bus training, etc.)
  • Ensuring that medical and dental appointments are made and kept
  • Providing counseling as needed to support positive behavior and enhance socialization skills

Community Involvement

Interaction with others is vital to a happy lifestyle. Whether associating with family members, neighbors, coworkers or others in the community; the ability to communicate and build positive relationships is essential. However, we are all different, have different personalities and relate to others in our own way. These differences make life interesting and fun. Your staff will reinforce those traits which foster positive interaction and suggest changes which may hinder socialization. We will help you to research community resources and events which may be of interest to you and we will encourage your participation in activities that involve others and build friendships. Placement Partners offers you membership in its “Partners Club” which meets monthly to have fun, meet others, learn new things and, often, to help others in the community. This may be a good way to get started or grow your circle of friends.