Plan. Find. Move. Home.

Everyone has the right to live the life they desire. Housing Access Coordination (HAC) is a four-step process in order to achieve and support a successful relocation. Person-centered principles and practices are applied to all our participants receiving long-term services and supports. We ensure that the people who are making a move from one residence to another are doing so based on planning that best suited to their needs. Placement Partners believes that what contributes to the quality of life is different for each person, culture, and community. Therefore, a support system that values the quality of life must be built on and driven by a desire to understand, respect and honor that which is valued by each person, culture, and community. To foster each person’s self-determination and independence, we shall ensure the use of person-centered planning principles at each stage of the process to facilitate the identification of the resident’s specific interests, goals, likes and dislikes, abilities and strengths, as well as support needs.


Placement Partners staff will take the time to know you better. Our goal is to grasp your needs through an assessment process that brings to light specific interests, goals, likes and dislikes, abilities and strengths, as well as support needs. These combined will allow us to identify opportunities that offer the greatest chance for success and move. This process will enable us, together, to set goals and develop a plan that leads to positive outcomes.


Looking for a place to live can be a daunting process let us help. The services provided may include: Search for housing and the resources and knowledge to know where to look. Help the individual understand and negotiate signing a lease. Assist with deposits and the scheduling of moving/packaging services. If modifications or assistive technology is needed we can assist with an assessment from a licensed occupational therapist. last but certainly not least we can assist you with acquiring household goods.


Drivers, start your engine! During this phase of HAC, we will assist you in making all the arrangements to PACK, MOVE, & UNPACK.

Follow Up

Now that you have moved into your new residence what comes next?

We understand that the hard part for most is over, some individuals may need further assistance and HAC can help. Follow up services are provided for up to 1 year after their move to assist with maintaining independent housing. Examples of follow up services are attend housing related meetings with the landlord and tenant and help the tenant understand and follow notices from landlord regarding community rules.